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Personalized nutrition will have big impact on food & beverage industry

All the signs point to personalized nutrition being the next big growth area for the food and beverage sector. Like personalized wearable technology that monitors things like sleep patterns, heart rate and physical activity, personalized nutrition has the potential to give consumers greater control over their health decisions. This trend reflects a move away from a one-size-fits-all approach to dietary recommendations, toward one that is tailored to the individual.

Personalized nutrition services can include things like genetic profiles, and metabolism and disease risk assessments based on DNA tests. For example, a test for the biomarkers for chronic inflammation can help consumers make more informed food choices.

“The industry can tap into the personalization trend in three ways,” says Director of New Nutrition Business Julian Mellentin. “First, smart companies will create a portfolio of brands, made to meet the needs of different consumer diets and preferences. Second, they will invest in a multi-platform approach, offering support and tailored dietary advice. This means partnering with entities providing advice on diet planning or with fitness gadgets. Finally, they should invest in e-commerce, as it has proven to be a main route to niche consumers.”

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