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Food Banks Focus On Nutrition

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By Lily Huang Each month, 860,000 Canadians receive support from Food Banks Canada. This is a 28 per cent increase from the 2008 economic downturn and the need for resources is quickly increasing. The food community – from manufacturer through to retailer – has always stepped up to the plate to fill this essential need. In March, the Walmart Foundation offered …

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Attitudes Toward Healthy Eating


By Carol Wong-Li The issues Men more likely to be overweight yet have less intent toward eating healthy regularly Data from Statistics Canada shows that obesity is a growing problem in Canada, with men being more likely to be overweight than women. Having said this, however, results from this report show that women are much more likely to be engaging …

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Supply Chain Food Safety Compliance

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By Alan Grant Verifying compliance of your supply chain can sometimes seem overwhelming, yet it is a critical task for assuring food safety and regulatory requirements are met. This year represents an unprecedented milestone in the North American food industry. The Food Safety Modernization Act is undergoing implementation and the Canadian equivalent, the Safe Food for Canadians Act, is about to …

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Fully Functional

By Hermione Wilson Food manufacturers can gain a lot from adding certain natural ingredients to their products, but the process is not without its challenges. Adding proteins, probiotics or phytoplankton to the recipe of a food product can add value in terms of health profile, but it requires a lot of adjustment to the taste, mouth feel and functionality of the product. …

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Better Nutrition in a Convenience-driven World

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With increasingly busy lifestyles, Canadians are often too rushed to properly eat, or to eat at all. They want quick and convenient foods to incorporate into their diets, and they don’t want to have to read labels. Mostafa Shaker is CEO and Co-founder of Tudo, a New Brunswick-based company that provides a convenient and healthy energy booster option. Tudo’s individually …

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Health Canada Moves to Eliminate PHOs in Food


  Health Canada recently introduced a regulatory proposal to prohibit the use of partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) in food. PHOs are the main source of industrially produced trans fats. From April 7 to June 21, a Notice of Proposal detailing the proposed regulation posted online will seek comments from Canadians, including stakeholders. Once the regulation is finalized, the prohibition would …

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CFIA Partners with French Food Regulator

DNA barcoding is used to detect diseases in foods that are harmful to human health

  The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is protecting Canada’s food, plants and animals through science and collaboration with partners, both internationally and at home. The CFIA recently signed a science-sharing memorandum of understanding with the French food regulator, Agence nationale de sécurité sanitaire de l’alimentation, de l’environnement et du travail (ANSES). The agreement will strengthen and formalize scientific cooperation on …

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