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Becel Gets Trendy with New Avocado-Based Product


By Kelly Townsend Avocado, anyone? Like it or not, the green fruit has dominated as a major food trend the last few years, to the point where avocado toast has became the unexpected mascot of healthy eating everywhere. Recognizing an opportunity, Unilever developed an avocado oil product for its major margarine brand, Becel. “It’s important for us to continue modernize and …

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Clean Label

Ingredients and So Much More By Karen Proper In the early to mid-2000s, “light” and “fat-free” foods took the centre stage for a brief period of time.  Consumers demanded products that were lower in calories and fat – and the industry delivered.  These products did not provide the sensory qualities consumers expected. Consumers were unwilling to sacrifice so-called healthier options …

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Connectivity and Digitalization in Food Production

Food Robots

How Canadian food manufacturers will benefit from digitalization By Markus Brettschneider From automotive and aerospace, many industries have been using digitalization technologies, such as automation and robotics, for many years. This goes hand in hand with the idea of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), where connectivity of devices opens up new possibilities to improve production. However, the food and beverage …

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Stopping Bread from Turning Stale


Bread consumption has steadily declined in Canada over the last decade but growing diversity in the bread aisle is encouraging younger consumers to stay in the category By Chris Brockman Canadians are unequivocally eating less bread. According to Mintel, based on data from Statistics Canada and the Economist Intelligence Unit, per capita consumption of bread has shown a consistent decline in …

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News Bites

University of Guelph students, Colin Jones and Chloe Van Acker, prepare for annual project that brings together students from different programs as well as industry experts. Photo Credit: Lisa Duizer

  University of Guelph Students to Develop Innovative Food Concepts with Industry Mentors As part of an annual project, students from the University of Guelph presented their original food product concepts to a panel of industry mentors in October. Students from the Food Science, Marketing, Nutrition and Engineering programs will work in teams to turn their ideas into prototypes, culminating …

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Driving Technology


I was just speaking with a colleague recently about the speed at which technology is changing our lives and how it seems to be accelerating and changing faster than ever. I can recall a couple of my own personal technology milestones such as finally moving from in-person to online banking and dropping my pager for a cell phone. I’ve really dated …

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