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Joanne Somaiya

Positioning High-Quality Plant-Based Protein Sources For The Food Industry: Do We Need To Adopt New Approaches?

James D. House1,2,3,4 | Matthew Nosworthy1 Consumers continue to demand products that feature protein claims on front of the package, with protein featured as one of the top 10 key trends in food, nutrition and health for 2015.1 Factors driving increased interest in protein include perceptions by consumers of the linkage between protein consumption and increased satiety (feeling of fullness), …

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Is food a sophisticated ordered tool to deliver nutrients?

Sylvie L. Turgeon* | Laurie-Eve Rioux The older reader will probably remember the popular “I am Joe” article series from the Reader’s Digest dedicated to overviewing the human body’s function. One article was specifically dedicated to human stomach function (I am Joe’s stomach). More recently, the “dummies” series has devoted articles to the digestive system with topics highlighting food digestion. …

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The Potential of Germination (Sprouting) for Improving the Nutritional Properties of Cereals and Pulses


Gebremedhin Gebreegziabher | Constance Chiremba | Andrea Stone | Robert Tyler | Michael Nickerson* A variety of factors reduce the nutritional value of cereals and pulses, such as enzyme inhibitors and other anti-nutritional components which limit protein digestibility and quality, and metal chelating agents which reduce the bioavailability of micronutrients such as iron and zinc.1,2 However, a number of processing …

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Designing a Clean Label

Welcome to the fourth and final edition of the Regulatory Arena devoted to the Clean Label. It has been a lot of fun so far: we have defined the “clean label”, considered its treatment in Canada compared to the United States, and dug into some hot topics in clean labelling. In this Regulatory Arena, we move off of compliance and …

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Peter McClusky


Garlic Aficionado Publishes Book on its History Text by Sorush Khalesi Garlic enthusiast Peter McClusky is the founder of the Toronto Garlic Festival, as well as a consultant for the Greenbelt Foundation. Most importantly, he is also a garlic farmer. Garlic and its history have greatly impacted McClusky’s life, and inspired him to author Ontario Garlic: The Story from Farm …

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How to Succeed in Food Product Development Using Social Listening


Food preferences differ because of many different reasons – demographics, seasons, upbringing. Even the region we live in shapes what we eat on a daily basis. While many people prefer lighter foods or fruit over the summer, winter is the time for savoury foods and spices. Social listening allows product managers, developers and marketers in the food industry to keep …

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Products with artificial ingredients face scrutiny – or worse – in 2016


Text by Jenny Zegler Consumers’ increasing skepticism of food and drink products that have ingredient lists that are lengthy and/or contain unrecognizable items is leading to preferences for products that do not contain artificial ingredients. This momentum toward natural and “less processed” food and drink is driving consumers to deem “Artificial: Public Enemy No. 1,” as explored in Mintel’s 2016 …

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2016 Global Food & Drink Trends


Mintel’s team of global food and drink expert analysts have identified and analyzed 12 key trends set to impact the global food and drink market in 2016. Text by Jenny Zegler NAVIGATE THE TRENDS As lifestyles shift and global markets influence how, why and where we buy and consume goods and services, the ever-evolving consumer landscape tries to keep up. …

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With 2016 being the International Year of the Pulse, it’s meat versus pulses. Or is it? They are a superfood, Canada is their second-largest producer and their largest exporter in the world, they are marketed as a healthy meat alternative, and, in 2016, pulse crops will gain international exposure through the UN’s International Year of the Pulse campaign. With global …

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Bootin’ Gluten


New supplement uses specialized egg yolk to neutralize the harmful effects of gluten Text by Doug Wintemute Since the discovery of celiac disease and gluten intolerance, the often limited and limiting gluten-free diet has been the only way for the estimated 333,000 Canadian sufferers to avoid the debilitating symptoms. Now, thanks to University of Alberta researchers Hoon Sunwoo, an associate …

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