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A small company ‘Survivor’ doesn’t have to exist as an island


Ron Kehrig Starting and operating a small company is not easy, and it is hard to survive. It often seems like far too many skill sets need to be found among very few bodies within the company. At times it may feel like you are alone – on “Company X” island. Fortunately, outside resources are available, but like most things, …

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Potato utilization in Canada


Martin G. Scanlon1* | Helen H. Tai2 Introduction The Canadian potato industry enjoys an enviable position in the global food industry. This is especially true with respect to the value-added processing sector, where a Canadian-based manufacturer, McCain Foods, can boast that one in three French fries consumed globally emanates from a McCain’s plant1. Despite the position of potatoes as an …

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Future of the Canadian oilseeds industry


Rick Green* The Canadian oilseed industry is an important economic driver for both our Agriculture and Agri-food sectors. Oilseeds are primarily grown for their oil content, which range in levels from 20% in the seeds of soybeans to greater than 40% for some canola and sunflower varieties; however other seed components, such as fibre, and protein by-products offer significant potential …

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Ideal Grain Ingredients: BREEDING WHEAT FOR HEALTH


Nancy Ames1* | Dylan S. MacKay2 Wheat is the predominant cereal crop grown and exported in Canada. Wheat products are among the most widely consumed food products in the world, making them an excellent vehicle for providing nutrients to the population. Although wheat already offers many health benefits, in North America there is a lack of consumer awareness or misinformation …

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Canada’s first ready-to-drink protein shake made with fresh milk launched by Saputo


Seeing an opening in the market, Saputo responded by launching the first ready-to-drink protein shake made with fresh milk. “People are increasingly mindful about their protein intake, but are often pressed for time or unsure about what to consume post-workout to ensure proper recovery,” says Philippe Duhamel, Marketing Manager at Saputo Dairy Products Canada G.P. “Many products currently on the …

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Funding local food in Ontario


From growing local foods to serving them at the dinner table, Ontario is making an effort to bring locally grown products to residents with the newly formed Ontario Food Fund. The fund is part of a $30 million dollar investment to support innovative projects that will increase awareness, access, and demand for food that is grown and harvested in the …

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High-quality diets sustain and improve brain health


There is a wealth of evidence to show that a healthy, balanced diet supports life-long brain health. In fact, scientific evidence indicates that a healthy diet — that includes whole grains, vegetables and fruit — helps maintain brain function, slow memory decline and may help reduce the risk for Alzheimer’s disease. “Canadians of all ages can benefit from making a …

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Canada Beef realigns to maximize Asian opportunities


In order to strategically align the Canadian beef cattle industry in the Asian market, Canada Beef is positioning its operations in the region to maximize current export opportunities and set the industry for future growth. “The Asian market continues to be an important market for Canadian beef and veal exporters providing opportunities to increase carcass values across a wide variety …

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Mac’s lobbies for reformed sales of alcohol with promise of new stores, jobs


If granted the right to sell beer, wine and spirits at its 547 Ontario locations, Mac’s Convenience Stores Inc. would build 27 new, ultra-modern, $2-million stores within two years. The new stores would represent “$54 million of new, private investment in Ontario,” says Tom Moher, the company’s Vice-President of Operations for Central Canada. “And that doesn’t begin to include the …

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Agri-food Industries are split on CETA


The new Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with the European Union (EU) has split agri-food interests in Canada. The agreement still has a few details to be worked out and could take up to two years to be ratified but when completely implemented, the CETA is expected to result in $1.5 billion in new agri-food exports including $600 million …

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