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Raising the Bar: An Artisanal and Educated Chocolate Experience


By Melissa Wallace It began as a vision from two friends hoping to attract chocoholics during the “in-between” mealtime from 1 to 4 p.m. The idea: open a chocolate drinking bar. Much like espresso bars and coffee shops are familiar meeting spots, Cacao 70 wanted people to gather for chocolate. But this concept would take time to mature. The first …

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Becel Gets Trendy with New Avocado-Based Product


By Kelly Townsend Avocado, anyone? Like it or not, the green fruit has dominated as a major food trend the last few years, to the point where avocado toast has became the unexpected mascot of healthy eating everywhere. Recognizing an opportunity, Unilever developed an avocado oil product for its major margarine brand, Becel. “It’s important for us to continue modernize and …

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Innovation literacy at George Brown College


We spoke to Winnie Chiu, Director of George Brown College’s Food Innovation and Research Studio (FIRSt), about how the research and development centre contributes to the future of the Canadian food industry.

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Ricardo Larrivee


Canadian celebrity chef shares insights from surveying how Canada eats Text by Kelly Townsend Canada is a country of rich and versatile flavours, and no one knows that better than Ricardo Larrivée, who has turned a love of cooking into a recognizable brand name with his own cooking show, a long-standing radio show with CBC and a magazine. His most …

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