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Food Banks Focus On Nutrition

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By Lily Huang Each month, 860,000 Canadians receive support from Food Banks Canada. This is a 28 per cent increase from the 2008 economic downturn and the need for resources is quickly increasing. The food community – from manufacturer through to retailer – has always stepped up to the plate to fill this essential need. In March, the Walmart Foundation offered …

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Supply Chain Food Safety Compliance

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By Alan Grant Verifying compliance of your supply chain can sometimes seem overwhelming, yet it is a critical task for assuring food safety and regulatory requirements are met. This year represents an unprecedented milestone in the North American food industry. The Food Safety Modernization Act is undergoing implementation and the Canadian equivalent, the Safe Food for Canadians Act, is about to …

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North American food trends to look for in 2017

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Today’s consumers hunger for excitement and are seeking new and unusual food experiences, whether crickets, Carolina Reaper peppers or Ethiopian berbere

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Rise of an Agri-food Innovation Cluster


Cluster impacts the value-added sector in Saskatchewan and across Canada Text by  Hermione Wilson The Agri-Food Innovation Cluster (AgFIC) was designed by scientists to fill the gaps that were impeding research and innovation and ultimately industry growth. Formed in 2015 by the University of Saskatchewan, POS Bio-Sciences and the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre (or simply the Sk. Food Centre), AgFIC …

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Protein Determination

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Dumas versus Kjeldahl Text by Paola Ornaghi The Dumas high temperature combustion technique was first introduced in 1833 and although it was initially found to have shortcomings, current, modern-day fully automated systems are fully compliant with internationally recognized methods that include AOAC 99 series, CS Ba series, ISO 16634 series and more.  There are key advantages that the Dumas-based method …

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Setting quality specifications and improving shelf life Text by Julie Nguyen The National Milk Marketing plan was created in 1970 to enforce strict quality standards throughout the production and processing chain of Canadian dairy products. According to the Canadian Dairy Information Centre (CDIC), more than 2.5 billion litres of milk and cream were produced in 2015.1 Because this beverage is …

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Ethnic Foods and Flavours

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Western brands must adapt to a changing demographic landscape Text by Joel Gregoire The 2011 Census identified one in five Canadians as being foreign-born. Statistics Canada forecasts the share of foreign-born Canadians to increase in the coming years as immigration levels continue to outpace the national birth rate. This will likely influence the taste profiles of Canadians and their openness …

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