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Exploring Public Trust in Food and Farming


By: Cayley Humphreys CCFI Public Trust Summit From the farm and ranch right through to Canada’s largest food service companies, interest in public trust in the food system continues to grow. In efforts to satisfy consumers concerns, a unique mix of thought leaders of all ages across supply chains, governments, industries and academia will come together in Calgary later this …

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Attitudes Toward Healthy Eating


By Carol Wong-Li The issues Men more likely to be overweight yet have less intent toward eating healthy regularly Data from Statistics Canada shows that obesity is a growing problem in Canada, with men being more likely to be overweight than women. Having said this, however, results from this report show that women are much more likely to be engaging …

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Fully Functional

By Hermione Wilson Food manufacturers can gain a lot from adding certain natural ingredients to their products, but the process is not without its challenges. Adding proteins, probiotics or phytoplankton to the recipe of a food product can add value in terms of health profile, but it requires a lot of adjustment to the taste, mouth feel and functionality of the product. …

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Opportunities in Fermented Foods

fermented food

By: Julianne Suleski The end of 2016 saw a merger between an unlikely pair – the world’s second-largest food and beverage company, PepsiCo, and a small fermented drinks maker, KeVita. This could only mean one thing: fermented beverages have reached an unexpected level of success and are likely here to stay. The trend of kombucha, kefir, kimchi and other fermented …

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Canadian snackıng craze

Summer breakfast. fruit and dairy products on a wooden table. top view

By Kathy Perrotta In 2016, snacking no longer solely refers to an in-the-moment, treat-oriented indulgence but rather is more accurately defined as a behaviour. By today’s definition, anything and everything can be a snack – and increasingly is. Findings from the recently released Ipsos’ Canadian Snacking Nation 2016 report finds that many Canadians are increasingly shifting eating habits from long-held …

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Millennials are Shaping the Future of Food

Group of multiracial young people taking a selfie while eating pizza. Young woman eating pizza her friends sitting around during a party.

Millennials (born between 1980 and 1995) are the second-largest demographic cohort in Canada(representing almost a quarter of the Canadian population), but are quickly eclipsing Baby Boomers in importance given their projected growth in terms of future spending power and rising sphere of influence. Canadian Millennials are not a homogenous cohort, especially given the various life stages they represent, from young …

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The Rise of YEMMies


Recently, the Millennial cohort (23% of the Canadian population, ages 18-34 years) has faced exhaustive observation and daunting scrutiny that typifies large up-and-coming generations. Given the current and future spending power of this generation, this is not surprising. In 2014, Statistics Canada reported that Millennials accounted for $255 billion in annual spending. However, as the Millennial generation matures and fragments, …

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How to Succeed in Food Product Development Using Social Listening


Food preferences differ because of many different reasons – demographics, seasons, upbringing. Even the region we live in shapes what we eat on a daily basis. While many people prefer lighter foods or fruit over the summer, winter is the time for savoury foods and spices. Social listening allows product managers, developers and marketers in the food industry to keep …

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