Yogurt linked to improved health

Yogurt-250There is a growing body of evidence linking yogurt consumption to improved health, scientists say.

The unique nutrient profile of yogurt has spurred research on its impact on a variety of topics such as bone and gut health, diabetes, body weight regulation, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Much of what is known about the potential health effects of yogurt has come from studies examining overall consumption of dairy products, including milk and cheese. Fewer studies have focused on yogurt specifically.

Consumption of dairy products is associated with a reduced risk of developing some of the most prevalent and expensive diseases in modern society, including diabetes, hypertension and cancer. Intake of cultured milk and yogurt specifically has been linked to a reduced risk of developing bladder cancer, a lower risk of heart attack and heart disease, and a decrease in blood pressure.

“Current research on the potential impact of yogurt on health is encouraging and we look forward to learning more about the unique contribution that yogurt offers to individuals and overall public health,” says Sharon M. Donovan, PhD, RD, Past President of the American Society for Nutrition and professor of nutrition at the University of Illinois. “Our goal in this initiative is to document what we know and what we do not know to guide future research efforts.”

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