Artisanal Bakery obtains non-GMO status

11_news_Artisanal BakeryOne of Canada’s leading artisan bakeries has attained non-GMO bona fides. ACE Bakery received Non-GMO Project Verification for its full-size baguettes, confirming that the product’s five simple ingredients – flour, water, salt, yeast and malted barley flour – were not sourced from genetically modified crops. Those five ingredients have not changed since the company’s founding in 1993.

“Research indicates that choosing food items that are Non-GMO Verified is the second-biggest priority for consumers while shopping – even more important than purchasing items that are local and organic,” says Sophia Rouleau, Marketing and Communications Manager for ACE Bakery. “We pride ourselves in leading and innovating, while at the same time ensuring our commitment to the highest quality artisan baking.”

“We are pleased to be officially acknowledged for responsibly sourcing our ingredients and for adhering to best baking processes, like unapologetically refusing to use preservatives or dough conditioners,” says ACE Bakery Master Baker Marcus Mariathas.

ACE Baguettes bearing the Non-GMO Project Verified seal are now available across Canada.

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