BBQ tends and flavours for families

Walmart says Canadian parents love barbecuing but they often struggle to get their kids to enjoy it, too. According to a survey commissioned by Walmart Canada, 98 per cent of parents with a BBQ enjoy barbecuing, but nearly half (47%) of kids aged six to 11, dislike at least one aspect of foods cooked on the BBQ.

One in three (34%) parents report preparing a second meal when BBQ is on the menu. It’s all about flavour.

• Special sauces are the top way parents get kids to eat foods off of the BBQ (17%). Sauces are a great way to add flavour, but rubs also give BBQ foods appealing taste.

• It’s no surprise that grilled hamburgers are kids’ top pick for foods off the grill (87%) with hot dogs coming in as a close second (81%) – but grilling has so much to offer. Parents can serve up kid-friendly meals like the Canadian-meets-Asian inspired perfectly planked honey ginger salmon, veggie side dishes and even cookies on the BBQ.

McCormick says 2016 will be all about incorporating smoky, spicy, tangy flavours in new ways.

• Bold Brazilian Sauces – With all eyes on Brazil this summer, it’s time to discover the country’s range of vibrant signature sauces – from fruity to fiery – that jack up skewered meats.

• Brazen Burger Rubs – Take rubs beyond steaks and ribs. Over-the-top burgers get a knockout punch from flavourful spice rubs that create a caramelized outer layer.

• Savoury “Steaks” – Prove your grill game with seasoned fruit and veggie “steaks.” Marinate them, grill and load with bacon, toasted coconut, cheese, nuts and more for surprising sides, shared apps and meatless mains.

• Heat + Tang + Smoke – Fresh chilies paired with tangy vinegars and mustards offer a daring flavour contrast when fired up with smoke.

• East Meets Grill – Create zesty Asian marinades and sauces on the fly with a simple equation: Sweet + Soy + Spice. Just swap spices for next-level Japanese, Malaysian, Thai or Korean flavours.

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