Online beverage industry job board launches

Branching out to the beverage industry, Christie Lohr, Founder of Style Nine to Five and Beauty Nine to Five, and Jesse Bannister, launch Bev Nine to Five, an online job board for Toronto and Vancouver connecting beverage industry experts with the finest companies and the dream jobs they serve up.

Extending the Nine to Five brand to other industries aside from fashion and beauty has been a long-term goal for Lohr, but she knew that the right, knowledgeable partner was needed to broaden her vision. With the growing popularity of small wineries, start-up craft breweries and unique spirits brands, the timing and collaboration could not have been better. Development of their new project started in early 2016.

Bannister’s knowledge and expertise in the beverage industry includes creating Huxley Supply Co., a sales and distribution agency for craft beverage brands in B.C., and investing in unique and up-and-coming beverage start-ups.

Hopeful job seekers can expect to find beer, wine, cider and spirits job listings from notable and established beverage companies, with positions ranging from brewers, sales representatives and distribution managers to communications and marketing specialists. Bev Nine to Five will provide innovative online tools for beverage companies to easily target candidates in the sea of job seekers, making it easier to find that right fit faster.


Jesse Bannister and Christie Lohr serve up dream jobs.

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