Canadian food science company partners with hemp food manufacturer

Hemp Seeds on whiteHempco Food and Fiber Inc. recently announced it has entered into a letter of intent with Lexaria Bioscience Corp., a Kelowna, BC-based food sciences company, for the licensing of its proprietary absorption and palatability enhancing technology for hemp food products. Hempco and Lexaria will be evaluating proprietary methods of applying Lexaria’s newly patented technology to Hempco’s food products. Hempco CEO Charles Holmes says the company hopes that combining its products with Lexaria’s patented food flavour-masking and nutrient delivery enhancement technology will help put Hempco products ahead of the competition in the hemp food sector.

“We [will] immediately begin product formulation testing and evaluation, and will work with all types of hemp food products such as proteins, seeds, oils and derivatives, as we determine the most advantageous methods of embedding superior technology into Hempco’s product mix,” says Chris Bunka, CEO, Lexaria.

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