Putting trust on the balance sheet

Egg Farmers of Canada and McDonald’s are putting consumer trust on the balance sheet. In July, the restaurant chain joined forces with Egg Farmers of Canada to have its egg menu items stamped with the farmers’ seal of approval. Until September, McDonald’s ads include the Egg Quality Assurance (EQA) certification mark for its McMuffin sandwiches. 

“The EQA program is the culmination of decades of work building world-class standards in the Canadian egg industry,” notes Roger Pelissero, a third-generation egg farmer and Chair of Egg Farmers of Canada. 

Launched this summer, the EQA is an industry-wide initiative that certifies Canadian eggs are produced according to strict food safety and animal welfare standards, which includes on-farm inspections and third-party audits. For Canadians, it’s an instantly recognizable sign that their eggs are made in Canada and are of the highest quality.

The egg farmers say that EQA-certified eggs meet their highest standards, so the program ensures that the storage, cleanliness, air quality, feed and record-keeping of farms are top-notch.

“We are committed to industry-leading certification, and working with other leaders is the core of our sourcing strategy,” says Rob Dick, supply chain officer for McDonald’s Canada. 

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