Avocado-based nutraceutical comes to market

Dr. Spagnuolo in the lab

Metavo is a new product created by SP Nutraceuticals and researcher Dr. Paul Spagnuolo, in collaboration with a team of nutritional scientists from the University of Guelph, who identified and isolated a powerful bioactive in avocados. Avocatin B (AvoB) helps maintain normal blood glucose levels and supports healthy metabolism. It is particularly beneficial for those who are looking to manage blood sugar levels, and those who are pre-diabetic, obese or overweight. “AvoB has been scientifically proven to target a root cause of ineffective metabolism which leads to high blood sugar,” says Dr. Spagnuolo. Metavo is available in convenient on-the-go powder sachets and soon-to-be-released capsules. Each lot of avocado powder used to formulate Metavo is tested to ensure a standardized dose of AvoB. metavo.com.

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