The taste of 2024

Report reveals predictions for the trends and flavours that will whet the most appetites over the course of the next year

By Sean Tarry

As we approach the end of 2023, everyone involved within the food and beverage industries across the country is beginning to look ahead toward the coming year and what it might hold in store for their businesses going forward. And, as much of their projections and looks ahead are often rooted to consumer tastes and preferences, any and all insights concerning their desires and appetites are coveted by manufacturers, restauranteurs, and other foodservice providers. With this in mind, The Hot Plate, Tag’s Food and Beverage Center of Excellence for brands and agencies, recently released its 2024 Flavor & Trends Forecast report.
In the report, valuable insights and predictions are shared related to the latest ingredients, cooking techniques, and culinary ideas that are set to impact the food and beverage industries over the course of the next 12-plus months, driving innovation and further influencing the tastes and preferences of consumers.
As a taster, the report offers the following eight trends that it suggests will emerge above all others in 2024:

Supreme flake
The croissant, known for its traditional layers and flaky texture, has become a canvas for artistic reinterpretation with its multiple flakey layers and decadent fillings.

Wild not mild
Beyond its tantalizing heat, spicy foods offer a sensory adventure, awakening taste buds and triggering endorphin rushes, providing a thrilling dining experience.

Balkan cuisine
The fusion of Mediterranean, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern influences create a sensational medley of tastes, attracting food enthusiasts who seek adventure.

Mindful caffeine
Energy alternatives that don’t produce side effects.

Exotic fruits
Undeniable, fruity flavours, bringing novelty and adventure.

Food for the skin
The convergence of culinary choices and beauty rituals.

Grill seekers
The age-old sizzle of the grill adds a New Age
flavour twist to food.

Retro foods and flavours from long ago are becoming new again.

In addition, the report also offers a glimpse a little further into the future, offering a handful of other trends that it considers to be on the tipping point of making real impact on the industries:

Pixels to palate While still in its infancy, 3D-printed food is gaining traction among chefs and food enthusiasts. Allowing for the assembly of a number of different, intricate recipes and culinary creations, it’s a technology that’s increasingly being considered around the world.

Culinary convenience The report suggest that other technologies like vending machines are also increasing in popularity due to the convenience that they provide users. Integrating a number of different technologies including payment, inventory management, and automated robotics, these machines are more than simply dispensers and could be set to become more mainstream.

Eco-gastronomy As environmental sustainability continues to gain momentum in the minds of consumers around the world, its impacts are being felt everywhere, including within the food and beverage industries. In fact, the Climatarian diet, which is an environmentally conscious eating approach, is becoming more widespread among consumers and will likely begin influencing manufacturers and purveyors of food sooner rathe than later.

AI meets appetite Just as it’s influencing everything else around us, AI and machine learning will begin to play a bigger role within kitchens and other food operations within the coming years, allowing for greater personalization and quality.

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