Canadian Food Innovation Network Awards $465,000 to Six Foodtech Startups

In a release from the Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN), it was announced that $464,518 is being awarded to six foodtech projects through the organization’s Innovation Booster Program. And, after matching contributions made by Industry, projects valued at nearly $1 million will be enabled through to execution. The Innovation Booster funding recipients are:

Project lead: GreenCo Robots Inc. (Alberta)
Project title: Integrated Table Tracking Solution for Quick Service Restaurants
Funding: $97,922

Project lead: Cheffer Technologies Inc. (Ontario)
Project title: Intelligent Menu-Planning Assistant
Funding: $94,415

Project lead: ProFillet (Nova Scotia)
Project title: Pilot Trails of Plant Based Nutritious Catfish
Funding: $94,107

Project lead: Dispension Industries Inc. (Nova Scotia)
Project title: Intoxication Detection System for Unattended Alcoholic Beverage Kiosks
Funding: $89,562

Project lead: Transport Genie Ltd. (Ontario)
Project title: Smart Real-Time Gas Sensors Development and Integration
Funding: $60,107

Project lead: JAKS Automation Inc. (British Columbia)
Project title: Robotic Paneer Handling & Packaging System
Funding: $28,405

The funding continues CFIN’s commitment to enabling and facilitating foodtech innovation and growth. And, according to the organization’s CEO, Dana McCauley, it’s funding that places Canadian companies at the fore of global innovation.
“These six projects represent CFIN’s vision for a future where new ideas and technologies create a more efficient, sustainable, and customer-centric food industry. As we introduce intelligent solutions, autonomous robots, and state-of-the-art technologies, it’s clear that Canadians aren’t just embracing change in the food sector—we’re the ones driving it.”

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