Canada Beef realigns to maximize Asian opportunities

News-CanadaBeef-300In order to strategically align the Canadian beef cattle industry in the Asian market, Canada Beef is positioning its operations in the region to maximize current export opportunities and set the industry for future growth.

“The Asian market continues to be an important market for Canadian beef and veal exporters providing opportunities to increase carcass values across a wide variety of product types and diversify our customer base,” says Chuck MacLean, Canada Beef Chairman. “Many regions of Asia are poised for vigorous growth and will only become more important to the Canadian industry going forward. Canada Beef will be strategically aligned with our Canadian packers and exporters to identify priority and emerging Asian markets and be properly positioned to deliver on the industry’s needs.”

In response to changing market access and demand trends and opportunities, Canada Beef continues to evaluate its marketing strategy, organizational structure, and resource allocations in order to position itself to maximize its return on cattle producers’ check-off investment. Consequently, a number of changes are being made to Canada Beef’s Asian operations to position the Canadian beef industry for future success and growth.

Canada Beef recently adopted a ‘hub approach’ in the Asian markets with senior leadership in Asia overseeing coordinated marketing efforts across the entire region. This has allowed the regional offices to increase efficiencies, market intelligence and program alignment, and program execution. Canada Beef is also working with the federal government to better utilize existing in-market resources such as embassies, consulates and the Canadian trade commissioners to promote and market Canadian beef more effectively.

“Based on projected cattle marketing and the wind-up of industry development funds, Canada Beef knows that revenues for industry marketing and promotion activities will be significantly reduced in the next few years,” adds Canada Beef President Rob Meijer. “Therefore, we are taking proactive steps to ensure Canada Beef’s limited resources are targeted in the right markets and with the right customers to bring the greatest return on producers’ investment.”

In 2012, Canada exported 37,816 tonnes of Canadian beef and veal valued at $175.6 million to Asian markets. From January to July 2013, Canadian export volumes are trending up 54 per cent and value is trending up 95 per cent. Canadian beef and veal exports to all markets outside of Canada in 2012 represented 30 per cent of the total carcass value or about $462 per head on average.

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