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Meal Planner Pro launches free, healthy meal planning solution

Meal Planner Pro, a tech startup based out of Edmonton AB, is a free, comprehensive health and nutrition website that brings an end-to-end meal planning solution to the table. With personalized planning tools, more than 800,000 recipes, and 70,000 brand name grocery products, Meal Planner pro aims to help busy families plan meals, create grocery lists and eat healthier.

“Current online meal planning resources and content are highly fragmented, making it difficult to organize and plan healthy meals,” explains Founder and CEO, Commodore Allen. “Healthy meal planning and grocery list creation is so much easier when you have everything you need in one place.”

Meal Planner Pro acts as a one-stop shop for healthy solutions. Meal planning is simplified with personalized tools and features that consider each family member’s unique dietary goals and needs, including food allergies, intolerances and various health conditions such as heart health, diabetes, and weight management.

“Although Meal Planner Pro was designed for anyone that wants to eat healthier, my drive to create the site comes from my personal experience with diabetes,” says Allen. “All of us at Meal Planner Pro are passionate about making it easier for people to manage their health through diet and nutrition.”

Allen says the site offers some powerful nutrition analysis tools that do all the heavy lifting to reveal what’s good and bad about every food product. The ProScore System, developed by registered dietitian Jennifer Livingstone, scores food products from 1 to 100 based on their nutrition values, ingredients, and how well they match with the user’s preferences and nutrition goals.

Meal Planner Pro has also created two websites in order to acknowledge the differences in nutrition guidelines between the United States and Canada – and – and both are supported by advertising. An ad-free version is also available for a low monthly fee, which offers additional features and content such as exclusive recipes and added search options, making it easier for people to shop, cook, plan and stick to a healthy lifestyle.

With a strong foundation, now the focus is on personalization and money-saving features. For example, U.S. users can see recipe ingredients on sale at their local grocery store. Allen says, “Longer term goals are to develop our consumer insight capabilities to enable food manufacturers and recipe content providers to create healthier foods and recipes and to provide a full personalized meal planning service.”

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