Free Beverages Offered to Researchers

10-13_News_Free Beverages OfferedAnn Payne’s Caveman Foods Ltd. recently announced it would provide up to 12 cases (or 144 individual servings) of its raw, unpasteurized drink, shipped free to Canadian universities or labs for studying the link between unpasteurized fermented foods and gut bacteria.

Gourmet foodies have long been searching out the fresh, unpasteurized drink known as water kefir for its taste and unparalleled ability to combine with food, but what is less generally known is that unpasteurized fermented drinks also have the ability to control sugar cravings.

Is there a link between unpasteurized fermented foods and gut bacteria?

“The Weston A. Price organization in the USA has done a terrific job of explaining to people how raw, fermented foods help maintain a healthy weight and a strong immune system,” says Leslie Payne-Zimmer, of the Toronto-based company. “We have had anecdotes from our customers telling us that our drink has helped them lose those last few pounds. However… the connection between controlling a sweet tooth and our drink has not been fully tested under controlled conditions.”

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