Beverage manufacturers to reduce calorie consumption

Canada’s beverage manufacturers and Canadian Beverage Association (CBA) launched the Balance Calories initiative in October. The program is aimed at reducing the number of calories Canadians consume from non-alcoholic beverages by 20 per cent over the next decade through product innovation and marketing. This commitment includes all non-alcoholic refreshment beverages excluding milk and other dairy products, hot coffees and teas.

“Balance Calories highlights the commitment of Canada’s non-alcoholic beverage industry to support balanced, healthy lifestyles for all Canadians,” says Jim Goetz, President, Canadian Beverage Association.

The Balance Calories initiative is designed to increase consumer awareness of calorie balance through a national advocacy program and increase access to reduced calorie beverage options.

Over the next few months, CBA members, the Conference Board of Canada, and other public, private and not-for-profit stakeholders will determine appropriate benchmarks, measurement criteria and specific immediate and long-term action items to support Balance Calories.

As program benchmarks and measurement criteria are confirmed, and the program moves into the execution phase, CBA and Conference Board of Canada will keep stakeholders and the Canadian public up-to-date on its progress and roll-out plans.

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