Pharma to fight disease with food

The Angiogenesis Foundation has announced its intention to harness its scientific knowledge to combat cancer and other non-communicable diseases through diet and wellness. The U.S. non-profit organization plans to work with the biotechnology and medical community to develop ways to treat disease with food and beverages that contain naturally occurring bioactive factors that stimulate the body’s natural defense system.

“Nearly 80 per cent of chronic diseases and premature deaths, including cancer, can be prevented by dietary and lifestyle decisions,” says President and Medical Director William W. Li. “We are acting now because current efforts to reduce disease burden are based almost solely on pharmaceutical solutions – including those we helped to create – and this is economically unsustainable as the world population, incidence of non-communicable diseases, and cost of healthcare escalate.”

The Angiogenesis Foundation has developed health advances based on angiogenesis, the process used by the body to grow new blood vessels, which have lead to 35 treatments for cancer, diabetes and vision loss. The foundation now plans to shift its focus to disease prevention and diet and lifestyle innovation.

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