Real Canadian Superstore launches Guiding Stars in Western Canada

Real Canadian Superstore locations in western Canada are making it easier for consumers to make nutritious food choices when shopping for groceries by launching the Guiding Stars program in British Columbia and Alberta.

Guiding Stars is an objective, nutrition navigation program, providing at-a-glance nutritional ratings for foods found throughout the store.

The program is designed to complement existing on-the-package nutritional tables and labels, and National Nutrition Guidelines. The program scores food on a three-star scale based on nutrient density using an objective scientific algorithm grounded in current dietary guidelines and the recommendations of national regulatory and health organizations.

“Guiding Stars is a family-friendly tool that translates dietary requirements in a visual and practical way,” said Melanie Byland, registered dietitian and Senior Manager, Dietitian Program, Loblaw Companies Limited.

The program scores products on a credit and debit system where foods acquire stars for containing more vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, whole grains, and omega-3 fats and are debited for containing saturated fat, trans fat, added sodium, or added sugars. Products can earn up to three stars, with ratings displayed clearly on store shelves. Foods with fewer than five calories per serving, like bottled water, teas, and spices, are not rated. If a food has been rated and does not meet ranking criteria it will display no stars.

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