Summer Means It’s BBQ Season

9-10_News_SummerBBQThe recently released 25th annual Weber Canadian GrillWatch Survey offers some interesting stats on who, what, where, when, and why Canadians grill.

• Canadians are heavy grillers with (84%) admitting to firing up the barbecue at least twice a month.

• Father’s Day is the third most popular time to barbecue (54%) after Canada Day (68%) and birthdays (62%).

• Hamburgers are the food most-often grilled, with 87% of respondents having grilled them in the past year.

• Steak is still the top all-time most favourite food to grill (44%).

• Tongs are tops when it comes to accessories owned (80%), followed by a basting brush (73%) and a wire bristle grill brush (70%).

• A whopping (91%) of Canadian grillers own a gas grill, while charcoal grills are favoured by (21%) of Canadian grillers.

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