Trendy pizza ideas debut at 2016 Pizza Expo in Las Vegas

Ardent Mills, a flour-milling and ingredient company and provider of pizza flours, pizza mixes and custom blends, joined more than 6,000 pizza industry leaders at the 2016 International Pizza Expo held earlier this spring in Las Vegas.

“We see pizza dough as another great opportunity when it comes to innovating pizza tastes and textures,” says Don Trouba, Marketing Director. “At the Pizza Expo, we offered samples of pizza made with doughs that highlight the great nutrition and complex flavours of different whole grain flours, like ancient grains, ground rye and sprouted wheat. We paired creative dough recipes with complementary toppings that support different cuisines and culinary styles. These pies also fall in line with eating styles diners want right now: simple, clean ingredients, better health, heartiness, unique flavour profiles and some indulgence.”

Trends and samples featured at the show included:

• Rye and Reuben Pizza with ground rye-pumpernickel, quinoa and High Protein Flour crust topped with pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing.

• Sprouted Beets Pizza featuring crust made with High Protein Flour and Sprouted White Spring Whole Wheat Flour and topped with candy cane beets, roasted green onions, goat cheese, fig reduction and béchamel sauce.

• Neapolitan Style Funghi Pizza featuring Italian style flour, white béchamel sauce, mixed mushrooms, smoked mozzarella, Gruyère and thyme.

• Salad Pizza featuring High Protein Flour and red quinoa.

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