Provincial food report card highlights best and worst of Canada’s food performance

The Conference Board of Canada has released its first provincial food report card, presenting data and analysis on industry prosperity, healthy food and diets, food safety, household food security, and environmental sustainability.

Saskatchewan emerged as the top ranking province, scoring an “A” grade in four of the five categories, with a “B” in healthy food and diets. Canada’s Atlantic provinces, on the other hand, are lagging behind. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and P.E.I. all receive “D” grades on food safety due to a high prevalence of food-borne illness. Newfoundland and Labrador receives “D”s on three of the five categories in the food report card and trails all other provinces on healthy food and diets.

Other Provincial Highlights:

  • Quebec leads all provinces in household food security, with an “A” grade.
  • Ontario receives mixed grades on food performance. Ontario is the lowest ranked province on environmental sustainability.
  • Manitoba scores an “A” for food safety, but is the worst performing province when it comes to household food security. Alberta earned an “A” in security, but is lagging behind in environmental sustainability.
  • British Columbia receives the best marks on two categories: healthy food and diets and environmental sustainability. It is the lowest ranked province on industry prosperity with a “D” in this category.

Canada’s Food Report Card: Provincial Performance was prepared for The Conference Board of Canada’s Canadian Food Observatory (CFO). The Observatory monitors progress on improving food performance, spurs the required changes, and encourages action to make the Canadian Food Strategy a reality.

Click the links below to see the full breakdown of each region:

Atlantic provinces
British Columbia

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