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Reviews were provided by Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology.

Food Inspection Analyses – Safety in Numbers?

Richard A. Holley1 | Tineke H. Jones2 | Lynn M. McMullen3* Guaranteeing the safety of the food supply in Canada continues to prove challenging to industry and government. Food safety cannot be “regulated” into food and new approaches are required to support the production of safe meat products. Recognition by processors that “a culture” of food safety is the best …

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Potato utilization in Canada

Martin G. Scanlon1* | Helen H. Tai2 Introduction The Canadian potato industry enjoys an enviable position in the global food industry. This is especially true with respect to the value-added processing sector, where a Canadian-based manufacturer, McCain Foods, can boast that one in three French fries consumed globally emanates from a McCain’s plant1. Despite the position of potatoes as an …

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Future of the Canadian oilseeds industry

Rick Green* The Canadian oilseed industry is an important economic driver for both our Agriculture and Agri-food sectors. Oilseeds are primarily grown for their oil content, which range in levels from 20% in the seeds of soybeans to greater than 40% for some canola and sunflower varieties; however other seed components, such as fibre, and protein by-products offer significant potential …

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Ideal Grain Ingredients: BREEDING WHEAT FOR HEALTH

Nancy Ames1* | Dylan S. MacKay2 Wheat is the predominant cereal crop grown and exported in Canada. Wheat products are among the most widely consumed food products in the world, making them an excellent vehicle for providing nutrients to the population. Although wheat already offers many health benefits, in North America there is a lack of consumer awareness or misinformation …

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Canadian Proteins

Canadian proteins

Unlocking the potential of Canadian proteins By Michael T. Nickerson*1* | James D. House2 | Eunice C.Y. Li-Chan3 OVERVIEW Canada’s agriculture sector is well known for supplying world markets with their exports of raw materials from pulses (e.g, peas, lentils, chickpeas and faba beans), oilseed (e.g., canola and flax seed) and wheat. However once beyond our borders little thought is …

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Regulatory Requirements and Consumer Acceptance By Andreas Boecker1 | Jill E. Hobbs2* | William A. Kerr2 | May T. Yeung3 INTRODUCTION Traceability is a means to many ends. Most visible to the public, a primary motive for traceability has been to more quickly contain animal disease outbreaks, such as BSE (mad cow disease) and foot and mouth disease. Similarly, traceability …

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Playing Nice

It’s time to start playing nice in the sandbox: Collaborative research in Canada: gaps and strategic solutions By Allan Paulson1* | Rickey Yada2 | John Webb3 The process of innovation in research is a continuum from fundamental/discovery research through strategic and applied research to product development and launch. This process is critical to global competitiveness and economic viability and may …

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