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Health Canada Approves Two Health Claims for Dietary Fibre Product

The approved treatment for IBS symptoms and childhood constipation in Canada used to be eating prunes. Now Health Canada has approved two health claims for Taiyo’s Sunfiber product for the same purpose. Sunfiber is now the only fibre in Canada that can claim to improve bowel regularity, relieve constipation and gastrointestinal discomfort in people with IBS. “Sunfiber is the only …

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Sardo Foods


Family-run company hopes to bring olives to lunchboxes Text by Kelly Townsend When parents consider a viable snack for their kids, many fruits and vegetables are high on the list and Sardo Foods aims to put olives at the very top. Originating in the small Sicilian town of Catania in 1965, Sardo Foods is owned by its Founder and CEO, …

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Saskatchewan Brewer Highlights Local Agriculture


Mark Heise uses lentils to bring out big flavour in Rebellion Brewery craft beer Text by Kelly Townsend   |   Photos by Matt Barton Saskatchewan Brewmaster Mark Heise knows a thing or two about founding a successful brewery. According to Heise, the three key ingredients needed to start a brewery include solid business sense, the ability to brew a great beer …

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Entrepreneurs get Support for Probiotic Food and Beverage Concepts


Think of it as a food industry Dragon’s Den: an entrepreneurial program aimed at supporting companies which are developing new probiotic food or beverage products. The Probiotic Innovation Jumpstart, the brainchild of probiotic research and product development company Ganeden, is inviting scientists, entrepreneurs and inventors to submit their ideas for new probiotic products by May 6. Canadian companies can apply, …

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Food Company Gains Worldwide Monopoly of Organic Rice

RiceBran Technologies’ new exclusive supply agreement has given it a foothold in the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. food and beverage market, that of natural, organic and functional foods. The company has entered into an agreement with Thailand-based Narula Group, one of the world’s largest growers of organic rice, which gives RiceBran exclusive worldwide supply and distribution rights for Narula’s …

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Canada’s Juice Market


Balances “Free-from” and Functional Text by Sarah Theodore Juice drinks in Canada have struggled in recent years, with volumes declining 1.3% in 2014 and 2.7% in 2015, according to Mintel estimates. Cost has played an important role in consumption declines, as have changing consumer demographics that favour older consumers who tend to drink less juice than younger consumers or households …

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Natural Emerges as a Solution to Energy Drinks Woes


  Text by Jenny Zegler Consumption of high-caffeine energy drinks among children and young adults has been a focus for local and national governments worldwide. As Mintel Trend Supernanny State describes, many governments are enforcing taxes, fines and, occasionally, outright bans to encourage people to improve their behaviour. Lithuania was the first country to ban sales of high-caffeine drinks to …

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Food Analysis Simplified


Text by William Miller There is a science to flavour. The field of food science has evolved significantly to meet the growing demands for food composition and characteristic determination. Trends and demands of consumers, the food industry, and national and international regulations challenge food scientists as they work to monitor food composition, authentication and to ensure the quality and safety …

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Perspectives on the Canadian Dairy Industry


  Text by Art Hill I developed a love for the dairy industry growing up on my parents’ dairy farm on Manitoulin Island. We started shipping cream in 1961 when I was five. My parents were grateful when the Ontario Milk Marketing Board (OMMB) was formed in 1966 and soon thereafter they received market sharing quota and began shipping milk …

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Delavau Supplies Food, Pharma and Nutritional Technologies to Major Brands


Food division focuses on clean label, freshness, and fortification solutions Text by Kelly Townsend In a market that is becoming increasingly health-conscious, finding the balance between creating a product that meets a consumer’s health standards and one that still meets their taste expectations can be a challenge. Delavau Food Partners is a company that creates those types of solutions. Described …

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